About Mike's Gaming Trove

Mike's Gaming Trove talks about high-level video game concepts and philosophies. Once a week (or so), I publish a written piece to the site, as well as on Patreon. Those who've pledged to support the project on Patreon also gain access to exclusive articles. These aren't published to the site; I publish these exclusives to Patreon exclusively. This "hopefully" provides some incentive to support the project. I choose topics that I find are under-represented in games journalism because... (1) I'm bad at coming up with "hot takes," and (2) my somewhat-delayed publishing schedule ensures I'm never on-time to the party.

The site is also ad-free. To me, ads lessen the impact some more "touchy" pieces may pack, and so I decided from day-one that this project would be funded by its readers. If you have the means to contribute, I'd welcome a donation, either through PayPal (one-time) or Patreon (recurring). If not, that's okay too. The effort I put into the project is proportional to my predicted return. I'll simply write less given a smaller return. Conversely, that means more financial support gives way to more content.