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"If It's Not Fun, Why Bother"

There's a subset of video games that doesn't seem to get a fair following: the boring game. This subset contains many smaller subsets, with the main sub-subset being the walking simulator. Are games where you just walk around fun? I... read on Patreon

The Review Process Of The Fighting Game Mega Mix

So, the question I've gotten a lot, in both emails and in-person, is... "why the hell did I torture myself like this?" The answer isn't as cut-and-dry as you may think. The fighting game mega mix was actually an idea... read more

[F] Fighting Game Mega Mix Vol.1

I'm going to break these reviews down into sub-categories for easier skimming. I'll also try to employ some sort of metric-based rating system in order to quantify the quality of these games. So, not only am I about to be... read more

Game Photography Gallery Vol.1

For my first "gallery" entry, I decided to show off a small number of high-quality Cities Skylines screenshots. I'll include a list of mods in-use at the end of this gallery. I'm using some colour correction and texture mods that... read more

Process Of Reviewing Thirty Fighting Games

Lately, I've been playing a lot of fighting games and I'm sick of not being productive. Despite this being finals season, I decided to try to review thirty fighting games on the internet. It has also been quite some time... read more

December 2019 General Update

As a student-by-day, I've been bogged down with finals, but that's set to change this month! Classes coming to an end means more time for creating disposable, unsolicited thoughts on video games. What fun! There are some things to look... read more

Ironman Mode, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Permadeath

Accepting loss is one of the most important skills I think a person can develop, because no matter who you are or what you do, you will experience loss. Someone will die; someone will lose their job; someone will get... read more

Death Of The Author, Rise Of The Auteur

Auteurs in games are as important to game development as a painter is to paint; a piece of art is always discussed about its creator and the context that caused it to be created. And, it's foolish to try to... read more

November 2019 General Update

I realize I have been kind off-schedule lately, but that’s because the topics I mentioned last month turned out to be duds. I’m not sure what percentage of my ideas are duds, but I’m also not sure how to update... read more

Advertising Ethics

The principal reason I don't attempt to advertise to the readers of this site is that I find it yucky. A more "concrete" reason is that I don't believe that the process of third-party advertising is entirely ethical. It is... read on Patreon
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