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Death Of The Author, Rise Of The Auteur

Auteurs in games are as important to game development as a painter is to paint; a piece of art is always discussed about its creator and the context that caused it to be created. And, it's foolish to try to... read more

November 2019 General Update

I realize I have been kind off-schedule lately, but that’s because the topics I mentioned last month turned out to be duds. I’m not sure what percentage of my ideas are duds, but I’m also not sure how to update... read more

The Wild And Troublesome Adventures Of Advertising Ethics

The principal reason I don't attempt to advertise to the readers of this site is that I find it yucky. A more "concrete" reason is that I don't believe that the process of third-party advertising is entirely ethical. It is... read more

Short Video Games: Length Doesn't Always Matter

Child-Michael played a lot of open-world games. Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, IV, and V, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed, oh my! I saw these kinds of games as “valuable” or “value-rich” because they contained a large amount of... read more

The Joys Of Game Photography

The number of people who don't consider games as "art" is declining, but it's still common for me to get laughs when I talk about game photography. I challenge these same people to look at the following two pictures side-to-side... read more

The Cities: Skylines (2015) Review

When disaster strikes, those tasked with rebuilding are granted the luxury of learning from past mistakes. Such is the case with the Colossal Order developers, and in more ways than one. For starters, their Cities in Motion games had garnered... read more

October 2019 Content Schedule

I'm trying to assign due dates to these pieces in order to improve their turnover rate. While pieces are written fairly quickly (about one day's worth of effort), they sit in the editing phase for weeks, collecting dust and encouraging... read more

The Process Of Assigning Games Review Scores

It seems the average reviewer of media, both video games or other, gravitates to the use of review scores. PC Gamer, The Needle Drop/Anthony Fantano, Roger Ebert, all assign numerical scores to the media they critique. And, this is fine... read more

How To Talk About Video Games Online

I originally spoke (however briefly) about this in my feature on Deus Ex (2000), but I felt that there was more to say. The very act of talking about something like a video game is pretty weird; it’s like talking... read more

The Stardew Valley (2016) Review

Stardew Valley asks you to to abandon your life as an office slave in favour of a life of farming, herding, and simple town living. And, it really does frame it that way. The first scene in the game is... read more
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