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Smaller, more high-level articles on video games, usually on interesting or pernicious topics concerning the medium. There are a total of 12 items in this category.

What The Nintendo Switch Needs In 2020

There are dozens of features the Switch lacks. There are even dozens of currently-implemented features that could use some work (e.g. the online functionality). But there were a few things that I've found myself yearning for. Let's skim through these... read more

The Powerful People In Powdered Wigs

When playing Total War Rome II (2013), you might find that a valid way to generate revenue for your empire is to maintain front lines of conflict throughout the world. Every conflict earns your empire monetary and slave-related rewards. These... read more

A Post Mortem On Post-Modernism In Video Games

Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins are credited for introducing the Watchmen to the greater consciousness of 1980s society. Before Watchmen's initial run, comic books were colourful, happy, cheerful, and most importantly, very heroic. Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman were... read more

Reggie: "If It's Not Fun, Why Bother"

There's a subset of video games that doesn't seem to get a fair following: the boring game. This subset contains many smaller subsets, with the main sub-subset being the walking simulator. Are games where you just walk around fun? I... read more

Ironman Mode, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Permadeath

Accepting loss is one of the most important skills I think a person can develop, because no matter who you are or what you do, you will experience loss. Someone will die; someone will lose their job; someone will get... read more

Death Of The Author, Rise Of The Auteur

Auteurs in games are as important to game development as a painter is to paint; a piece of art is always discussed about its creator and the context that caused it to be created. And, it's foolish to try to... read more

The Wild And Troublesome Adventures Of Advertising Ethics

The principal reason I don't attempt to advertise to the readers of this site is that I find it yucky. A more "concrete" reason is that I don't believe that the process of third-party advertising is entirely ethical. It is... read more

Short Video Games: Length Doesn't Always Matter

Child-Michael played a lot of open-world games. Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, IV, and V, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed, oh my! I saw these kinds of games as “valuable” or “value-rich” because they contained a large amount of... read more

The Joys Of Game Photography

The number of people who don't consider games as "art" is declining, but it's still common for me to get laughs when I talk about game photography. I challenge these same people to look at the following two pictures side-to-side... read more

The Process Of Assigning Games Review Scores

It seems the average reviewer of media, both video games or other, gravitates to the use of review scores. PC Gamer, The Needle Drop/Anthony Fantano, Roger Ebert, all assign numerical scores to the media they critique. And, this is fine... read more
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