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Updates on the development of the site, and the creation pipeline for the site's content. Also includes content schedules and any goodies I find interesting. Think of these as development-logs. There are a total of 5 items in this category.

Process Of Reviewing Thirty Fighting Games

Lately, I've been playing a lot of fighting games and I'm sick of not being productive. Despite this being finals season, I decided to try to review thirty fighting games on the internet. It has also been quite some time... read more

December 2019 General Update

As a student-by-day, I've been bogged down with finals, but that's set to change this month! Classes coming to an end means more time for creating disposable, unsolicited thoughts on video games. What fun! There are some things to look... read more

November 2019 General Update

I realize I have been kind off-schedule lately, but that’s because the topics I mentioned last month turned out to be duds. I’m not sure what percentage of my ideas are duds, but I’m also not sure how to update... read more

October 2019 Content Schedule

I'm trying to assign due dates to these pieces in order to improve their turnover rate. While pieces are written fairly quickly (about one day's worth of effort), they sit in the editing phase for weeks, collecting dust and encouraging... read more

September 2019 Content Schedule

I'm going to try to make these content updates more frequent; I'm planning on penning an update like this one in the start of every month so that Patrons and public visitors alike can get a preview of what's to... read more
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