September 2019 Content Schedule

This month's content update. What kind of articles can you expect? What games will I review? The anticipation is killing me! Published on Sun, Sep 01, 2019. Written by Michael Bassili.

Just wanted to check in pen an update on the content that’s to be expected from Mike’s Gaming Trove! The following pieces of content are scheduled for release this month:

I’m going to try to make these content updates more frequent; I’m planning on penning an update like this one in the start of every month so that Patrons and public visitors alike can get a preview of what’s to come. It also helps keep me accountable. Moreover, there are some site changes I’m hoping to make this month:

If you’re reading this: thank you for consuming my content! There is a lot of juicy content to sink your teeth into, so I’m grateful you took a bite outta me!

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Posted on 01/09/2019

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