November 2019 General Update

That time again; time to update people on changes to the site, as well as a projected content schedule for the coming month. What fun! Published on Fri, Nov 01, 2019. Written by Michael Bassili.

I realize I have been kind off-schedule lately, but that’s because the topics I mentioned last month turned out to be duds. I’m not sure what percentage of my ideas are duds, but I’m also not sure how to update readers of the site with any sort of guarantee. It’s quite the conundrum. Maybe I’ll get better at identifying garbage as the site matures.

For content on the site, there are two features I’m confident will be published (and there are a few more that I’m not so confident about, but time will tell):

I’m fairly confident these two are not-garbage ideas, and the first feature will probably be published in a few days. I have two more ideas, but I’m tempted to withhold their titles until I decide whether they’re any good.

For site updates that were made, there were a lot of them. Mainly UI changes. I’m planning on completely overhauling the UI, so that’s something to look forward to:

As always, you can visit the site’s GitHub issues page to see what I’m currently trying to get done, on the programming side. As for the writing side of the pipeline, I’m trying to keep that secret until features are fully written so that I don’t become discouraged.

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Posted on 01/11/2019

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