December 2019 General Update

That time again; time to update people on changes to the site, as well as a projected content schedule for the coming month. What fun! Published on Sun, Dec 01, 2019. Written by Michael Bassili.

As a student-by-day, I’ve been bogged down with finals, but that’s set to change this month! Classes coming to an end means more time for creating disposable, unsolicited thoughts on video games. What fun! There are some things to look forward to on the site, so here’s a small list (this time, organized by category):

I: Written Content Planned For Publication

There were about 5000 published words in November, about on-par with previous months. I’m predicting about double that for the month of December.

In terms of content, I have a few pieces I’ve been writing up that I think people will find moderately interesting. It’s always hard finding something that’s not too technical, not too trivial, and just topical enough to attract a crowd. My less-technical pieces tend to attract more short-term readers, while longer technical pieces attract fewer, more dedicated readers. It’s a tough balance. Here are some of the pieces I’ve been working on:

I have two more I’ve been toying around with, but I don’t want to plant seeds I’m not confident I’m willing to water. These three will do for now, and I can always release more come mid-December.

II: General Website Updates

The site underwent a large visual update this past month. The colour of the month is: red, instead of the light beige which plagued the site before. Much better on the eyes.

The greatest improvement was to the site’s user interface. I believe this current iteration is far better than what the site originally looked like. I’m still not happy with the site’s landing page, but all other pages are to my liking.

I’ll probably hold off on any non-critical site improvements. Developing the site takes away from producing content for the site; I think I use it to procrastinate. I suspect I’d be able to turn out an extra few thousand words if I didn’t keep working on the website.

III: Final Thoughts

Fun fact: Mike’s Gaming Trove has been alive and kicking for over five months now! That’s almost half-a-year! I was hoping for one or two readers, not two thousand!

I hope everybody reading this has a good December. Spend time with those you care about this holiday season. Thanks for helping grow Mike’s Gaming Trove. My analytics tell me that there are about two thousand readers every month now, and that’s amazing. Thank you!

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Posted on 01/12/2019

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