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"If It's Not Fun, Why Bother"

There's a subset of video games that doesn't seem to get a fair following: the boring game. This subset contains many smaller subsets, with the main sub-subset being the walking simulator. Are games where you just walk around fun? I... read on Patreon

The Wild And Troublesome Adventures Of Advertising Ethics

The principal reason I don't attempt to advertise to the readers of this site is that I find it yucky. A more "concrete" reason is that I don't believe that the process of third-party advertising is entirely ethical. It is... read on Patreon

How To Talk About Video Games Online

I originally spoke (however briefly) about this in my feature on Deus Ex (2000), but I felt that there was more to say. The very act of talking about something like a video game is pretty weird; it’s like talking... read on Patreon

On Having Work Validated

This is a problem I’ve been thinking about on-and-off for several years now. In my spare time, I make a lot of shit. I’ve drawn a series of web comics, written a book, painted paintings, recorded music, and written blog... read on Patreon
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