My Favourite Pieces

Some of the best published pieces on the website, spanning reviews to high-concept articles. Doesn't include meta-content such as content schedules. There are a total of 4 items in this category.

Reggie: "If It's Not Fun, Why Bother"

There's a subset of video games that doesn't seem to get a fair following: the boring game. This subset contains many smaller subsets, with the main sub-subset being the walking simulator. Are games where you just walk around fun? I... read more

Fighting Game Mega Mix Vol.1

I'm going to break these reviews down into sub-categories for easier skimming. I'll also try to employ some sort of metric-based rating system in order to quantify the quality of these games. So, not only am I about to be... read more

The Joys Of Game Photography

The number of people who don't consider games as "art" is declining, but it's still common for me to get laughs when I talk about game photography. I challenge these same people to look at the following two pictures side-to-side... read more

The Stardew Valley (2016) Review

Stardew Valley asks you to to abandon your life as an office slave in favour of a life of farming, herding, and simple town living. And, it really does frame it that way. The first scene in the game is... read more
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