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In-depth game reviews featuring games that have left some sort of meaningful impact on me or the medium. There are a total of 4 items in this category.

Fighting Game Mega Mix Vol.1

I'm going to break these reviews down into sub-categories for easier skimming. I'll also try to employ some sort of metric-based rating system in order to quantify the quality of these games. So, not only am I about to be... read more

The Cities: Skylines (2015) Review

When disaster strikes, those tasked with rebuilding are granted the luxury of learning from past mistakes. Such is the case with the Colossal Order developers, and in more ways than one. For starters, their Cities in Motion games had garnered... read more

The Stardew Valley (2016) Review

Stardew Valley asks you to to abandon your life as an office slave in favour of a life of farming, herding, and simple town living. And, it really does frame it that way. The first scene in the game is... read more

The Deus Ex GOTY (2000) Review

Deus Ex is absolutely an influential game. It spawned a whole subgenre of games (the immersive sim), and it’s still commended to this day. There’s a reason my opening line mentioned this game being a staple to game libraries across... read more
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